Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pass The Kool-Aid

The Beauty Department always equips us with helpful beauty tips; they first assisted us with learning The Fishatil Braid technique and now their helping us achieve a fabulous yet tasty lip stain for the summer...with Kool-Aid. Yes, Kool-Aid! According to The Beauty Department Kool-Aid was meant to stain lips; they claim it really works and it lasts. Try it! Here's how:

1. Pick Your Flavor 
You can pick your flavor using the guide below or mix a couple to find your perfect hue:
Cherry = Orange Red
Tropical Punch = Bright Red
Peach Mango = Peach
Pink Lemonade = Barbie Pink
Strawberry Kiwi = Light Red
Grape = Purple
Then pour it into a little bowl or simply use the packet as your container.

2. Dampen Your Finger 
After, you have dampen your finger with very little water or a simple lick, press your finger in the powder to pick up one coat.

3. Rub Your Finger 
Rub the Kool-Aid all over your lips.Try not to eat it immediately ;)

4. Dampen a Q-tip 
Dampen a Q-tip to go back over it and smooth out any clumps or uneven edges. And that's it!


  1. Oh my God i saw that at Pinterest!! i love that kind of tricks!!! :)

  2. I saw that at Pinterest too! I am sure that it really works!

    Hope you are well!

  3. I actually found the tutorial through Polyvore. Once I found it I knew I had to share it with my Belladonna's.

  4. THAT would not last on my lips 5 seconds!! hahahaha I would lick it all off.

  5. This is such a cool DIY! My sisters and I must try this one for sure.
    Love your woman of the month; she's from my family's home country of Liberia!
    XO Wil Harris


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