What Is A Belladonna?

"A Belladonna in Italian is a beautiful lady while in English the term is used to describe a deadly poison." (Ambrose Bierce) In my opinion, nothings more beautiful nor more deadly than an intelligent woman; consequently, an intelligent woman is a Belladonna.

While, the purpose of this blog is to keep women of every nationality and ethnicity well informed of trending issues, it's focus is to empower and inspire.

Topics range: beauty, fashion, fitness, health, art, culture, and so on. Join the conversations today!

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at: cawood08@gmail.com


  1. Your Blog is amazing .. i love everything that it stands for ...The passion towards all your topics are amazing ..very inspirational .. luv it x <3

  2. it is nice
    shyanne bennett

  3. This is a really cool blog name and I love the drive behind it. Empowering all women of all ethnicity. Right on sister.


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