Thursday, June 28, 2012

Eclectic Heart

Recently, I received an opportunity to be apart of the Eclectics project, an initiative that is meant to connect young people based on their musical interests. The project is a branch of fellow blogger Johanna's Eclectic Heart. Since music is an integral part of numerous cultures and societies I found this opportunity to be another great way to connect with other people. Here I share with you a snippet of the interview Johanna had with me. Click here for the entire interview.

♫) What does music mean to you? Despite how trite it may sound music means everything to me. When needed it: nourishes my spirit, calms my mind, and fuels my body. It is essential to my life. It is everything –

Colours of sound
Scales and beauty
Audio scenery
Electric love and
Rhythmic symmetry
Written in memory
Beautifully crafted scenery…
Collective entity
Something to belong to
A source of energy
The possibilities
Wave lengths and bandwith
Higher vibration
Energizing entire lands ….
Intangible invisible but undeniable
Plays the language of excitement on survival
Some call it tribal
But perspective is everything
Connected to everything
Some say collectively everything
(Music, Joss Stone)

♫) If your life had a soundtrack what would be the opening and closing theme? Why? If my life was a soundtrack the opening and closing theme would be Jessie J’s Price Tag, because I try to go through life with a similar outlook – paying people with love. Today, in a poor economy, people seem too concerned about money and they act as though “money can buy happiness.” Yet, Jessie J’s Price Tag reiterates the more pressing issue of one’s love and happiness; it illustrates the fact that money does not equate love nor brings happiness.

How would you have answered 
some of these questions? 

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