Monday, February 21, 2011

Do It Like A Dude This Spring

 This post further illustrates the "Do it Like a Dude" attitude first introduced in blog post Stigmatized Women in the Workplaceclick here, to read it!  

This spring (2011) menswear is back in style. So you may want to begin pulling out the lightweight blazers, button ups as well as your pair(s) of oxfords, and - if you don't already have one - you may want to buy a Fedora hat; because these are just some of the trademarks that make the menswear fashionable for women. Below are stylish examples of the menswear trend.

The above images are from dsquared2's spring collection. To see more from them check out their official site at:


  1. love it

  2. Nice post! Love how you combined music&fashion together! These two are closely related.

    I found you through polyvore, I must tell you your blog is very nice!
    follow back if you wish :)



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