Monday, March 14, 2011

The Perfect Fit

Wardrobe Guide 
to the Perfect Bra
Do you have a bra(s) in your closet that gets on your nerves every time you wear it; it's cute but it just doesn't fit right: you bend over and your goodies fall out the top of the cup; you reach up and they are falling out the bottom of the cup; or you take the bra off and you are extremely relieved? Chances are you're wearing the wrong size bra - and you probably already knew that, but what you don't know is  how to fix it. Well this post is meant to help you and everyone else - 80% of women - wear the wrong size bra.
Yes, I said 80%. According, to the experts (i.e.Tracy M. Pfeifer) 80% of women wear the wrong bra size; so, to highlight some signs that the bra you're wearing isn't your size here are some tips for a better fit: 


Recap of Video and Additional Tips: 
1. Spillage. If your breasts spill over the top or sides of your bra, increase the band and/or cup size.

2. Puckering. If cups wrinkle or pucker, choose a smaller size.

3. Riding up A bra should fit snugly. If it creeps up in the back, trade it in for one with a tighter band.

4. Jutting. The underwire isn't flush against your rib cage; it should be.

5. Grooves If straps dig into your flesh, try a style with wider straps or a different cup size -- either bigger or smaller.

Steps to Help You Measure for a Perfect Fit
1. Keep in mind that bra band sizes and cup sizes are proportional, so, by changing a band size, you will probably also change cup size. 

2. Run a tape measure all the way around your body just underneath your breasts and take a measurement in inches
a. Make sure the tape measure is horizontal and fairly snug. Your arms should be down. If this measurement is an odd number, round up to the nearest even number.
b. Now, add 4 to that number. For example, a 27 would become a 28. Then when you add 4,you're at 32. This number is your band size. 

3. Next, run a tape measure over the fullest part of your bust
a. Be sure to keep your arms at your sides (more or less) and be sure that the tape doesn't droop or   ride up in the back. The tape should be snug around you but not pinching at your skin at all.
b. Now round this number to the nearest whole number. Subtract the original measurement(below your bust), NOT your band size from this measurement of the fullest part of your bust. If the difference is 1, you're an A. 2, you're a B. 3, you're a C. 4, you're a D. 5, you're a DD. Et cetera.  
NOTE:The best way to ensure a perfect fit is to go to a specialty bra shop. Or get someone else to measure you.  

4. Find a comfy bra!  
a. If you are one to shop for bra's internationally, use the link listed to convert your US sized measurement attained from the steps above: 


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