Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stigmatized Women in the Workplace

As much as we would like to think that the social status of women are equal in respects to men, it is apparent that it is not. Women are still being stigmatized - it is evident within this image I took, while  in the car, of a construction site in the Tysons Corner area of Virginia (USA). Although, employers like to portray a sense of equal status in the workplace, women are still being constrained - weather it be to certain duties, pay, or job titles.  

Yes, it is a fact that women have made extreme advances - from the inability to vote to having positions in the government; from the inability to protect our homeland to having women serve our country in the armed forces. Yes, we have advanced thanks to the unity displayed by women. But, advancement must continue until there is an equal playing field for us women. The fight isn't over.  

Jessie J is a talented up and coming artist from the UK who has an amazingly malleable vocal ability to encompass several genres, and her first single "Do it Like a Dude," reiterates the fact that women are just as capable as a man; we can do it just like a dude. I love her vocals and the messages in her songs, although they can be very explicit at times. She has yet to release an album, but when she does I will be one of the first to support her.

More on Jessie J:

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  1. we are all human we should all be equal i agree no one should be judged by their gender skin color or believes people just need to grow out of their childish ways btw nice blog followin this


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