Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Design Trends 2013

According to Michael Boodro, Editor in Chief of Elle Decor, there are five hot trends that will define the year ahead including: brass accents, the color green, embellished walls, lace details, and the color beige. Here I share with Boodro's design predictions for 2013.

1. Brass Accents 
(and lots of it)
"With its rich gleam and sculptural weight, this metal is experiencing a resurgence. With so many designers looking to the '70s, it's inevitable that brass and bronze will show up more—from accessories by Carl Aubock to cocktail tables by Gabriella Crespi to virtually entire rooms by Kelly Wearstler, brass is the metal of the moment."
2. Green
(in various shades)
"Pantone named Emerald the Color of the Year for 2013, but we're seeing all shades of greens and expect more in the future, from bright spring greens to olives, and especially lots of different blue-greens and teal."

3. Embellished Walls
"[Boodro] expects this trend, already strong, to continue at full strength. The options now are limitless, from simple grass cloths to hand-painted papers to coverings embellished with glass beads and crystals.

4. Lace Details 
"...Already big on the runways, lace is showing up in the home collections of Zara and H&M, so you know it's ready for its close-up. Count on seeing lots more see-through in the months ahead."

5. Beige
"A surprise, but it's showing up more often, and in quieter room settings. The danger here is going corporate bland, but very talented designers are using a variety of shades of cream, off-white, and yes, beige in a variety of textures to create serene settings." 
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