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Breakfast Worldwide


What Are You Having For Breakfast?

I am sure that you all have heard that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day;" most likely you didn't give it a second thought, but you should. Breakfast is truly essential to a healthy lifestyle. It jump-starts your day; providing your body with strength and endurance. Despite, the obvious benefits of a healthy breakfast, some people still skip it. If only breakfast skippers knew that eating a healthy breakfast would help control their weight and stop those afternoon cravings then maybe they wouldn't skip it.

Nonetheless, I have highlighted 15 breakfast dishes from around the world; they are all apart of Victoria Philpott's 50 of the World's Best Breakfasts. Hopefully, some of the dishes will inspire you to either not skip breakfast or to get creative at breakfast time.

Breakfast in Australia 
"There’s only one crucial ingredient here, Vegemite. Travelling Aussies are often found with a sneaky pot of the sticky, salty brown stuff in their backpack..." However, there are those who prefer Marmite, instead of Vegemite. 

Breakfast in India
"Here we have rosemary roasted potatoes, Indian tofu scramble, lentils, veggie sausage and banana pepper toast. Breakfast cuisine in India varies hugely depending on the region but if you think of your Indian breakfast somewhere along these lines, you would be correct."

An Egyptian Breakfast 
"The breakfast of choice here is Foul Madamas. It’s made from fava beans, chickpeas, garlic and lemon. Above you’ll see the dish topped with olive oil, cayenne, tahini sauce, a hard boiled egg, and some diced green veggies..."

A Bahamas Breakfast 
“To be a Bahamian breakfast it must contain grits. Grits are dried ground hominy, or corn, for anyone not in the loop. You mix it with boiling water and the grits becomes a porridge. Its popularity came from slavery times when it’s all the slaves had to eat. Nowadays it’s topped with fat prawns and meat[s] to spice it up a bit...”

Icelandic Breakfast
"A hearty and hot breakfast to fight off the dark, icy mornings is what’s needed here. Hafragrautur, or oatmeal, is served with a sprinkle of brown sugar with a few raisins or nuts on top...”

Breakfast in Vietnam 
"Usually consists of some meaty treat dropped in a semolina/porridge mixture. What you see above is pork porridge. It features Chinese doughnuts, beansprouts, pork intestine stuffed with peppery pork mince, sliced pork heart, stomach slivers and blood pudding. A bit more interesting than toast and jam anyway..."

Breakfast in Iran 
"I usually features some sort of naan bread with butter and jam. When a light breakfast just isn’t going to hit the spot Iranians eat halim. Halim is a mixture of wheat, cinnamon, butter and sugar cooked with shredded meat in huge pots; [it is the Iranian version of  an omelet]. You can eat it hot or cold..." 

Breakfast in Bolivia
"Saltenas are a bit like empanadas crossed with Cornish pasties. They’re the traditional option for a Bolivian breakfast and usually filled with meat and vegetables, and slightly sweetened with sugar..."

A Canadian Breakfast
"That eggy looking section is actually perogies. Perogies are boiled, baked or fried dumplings made from unleavened dough and traditionally stuffed with potato filling, sauerkraut, ground meat, cheese, or fruit. Then you’ve got some sausages and toast to mop it all up..."

Breakfast in Denmark 
"On a Dane’s breakfast plate you’ll often find rye bread, cheeses, salami, ham, pâté, honey, jam and sometimes even thin ‘plates’ of chocolate. It came as a bit of a shock to me but my research has shown that bacon is not actually that popular! Dun dun durrrh. How can this be? Apparently they send in all to the UK..."

An Italian Breakfast
"A nation too fabulous for heavy breakfasts me thinks. Or maybe they’re saving themselves for a big cheesy pizza lunch and a pesto pasta dinner? (Although there’s nothing wrong with having them for breakfast you know) Either way an Italian eats on the run with a ‘cappuccino e cornetto’ aka a cappuccino and croissant..."

Malaysian Breakfast 
"A hot bowl of Mee – noodles mixed with egg, vegetable and tasty spices."

Breakfast in Colombia 
"There are a variety of regional staples to keep your stomach grumbles at bay throughout the day. In Cundinamarca this changua dish is very popular. It’s made from milk, scallions and cheese..."

Polish Breakfast
"Known locally as Jajecznica, a traditional Polish breakfast consists of scrambled eggs covered with slices of custom-made kielbasa and joined by two potato pancakes..."

The Famous American Breakfast 
 "Homemade thick pancakes with syrup and blueberries, topped off with a few rashers of bacon..."

All quotes were taken from Philpott's
 50 of the World's Best Breakfasts.


  1. I really enjoyed this post!!

    I like the Icelandic breakfast! When I lived in Holland, all we would be fed for breakfast was a bunch of bread with Nutella and chocolate sprinkles, that's all they eat in the morning. Too much sugar!

    1. It is funny that you mentioned Nutella, because I use to be so hooked on that stuff...I also like the Icelandic breakfast; it is quick and easy to prepare in the morning, not to mention the apparent health benefits.

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  4. Very interesting post...this made me hungry AND you've been tagged!!!...in the 11 Question Tag that is. Check out the rules and questions here --> http://wired-inspired.blogspot.com/2012/04/tag-im-it.html#more Have an awesome day :).

    1. Wow, thank you so much Shannon, this is my very first tag, so I', so stoked right now; I will let you know as soon as I finish the tag.

  5. India, Bahamas and Italy looks delicious!!! And I love your header the logo is so cool - actually you are the first blog I see that kinda has a logo I love it!! Where are you from and what do YOU eat fro breakfast?




    1. Thank you so much Luisa! I put a lot of effort in spicing up the look of this blog; the logo represents wisdom and strength, which I would like to think this blog may provide some women with. In response to your question: I am from the United States (Maryland), and I tend to eat a simple egg sandwich with a side of fruit, but I want to try and get creative in the morning---> I answered this question on your blog, but I wanted my readers to also see my response. Well, thanks for stopping by.

  6. oooo my God look that...i could eat all my house now...that looks really jammy!
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  7. Thanks for the review of the breakfast)very interesting)

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    1. I am now following you, too. I'm so glad that you have joined.

  9. Omg, love this post! So diferent! Now I have to try all of the recipes! :)

  10. What a lovely post! I love the idea of multicultural breakfasts and I am particularly intrigued by the Icelandic version! That oatmeal looks so incredibly comforting and warm. :) I would also love to try the Bolivian breakfast - those pastries look so delectable!

    Thank you for such a unique post - I'm now inspired to have something super special tomorrow morning!

    <3 Mandy xx

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  14. I usually have fruits for breakfast. But I found my attempt at healthy living quite boring. Thanks for this post, which really inspires me to switch it up a little!

    1. LOL, sometimes I get bored with it, too.

  15. This entire post really just has my mouth watering for some breakfast food even though its damn near 7pm here lol. Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal of the day. I've been juicing like everything in my refrigerator which surprisingly keeps me full for most of the day xx


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